Can I give my parents a MedBed as a gift?

This question we' ve been asked numerous times. We fully feel for every person who wants to know, because we can absolutely understand that you want to do something good for loved ones. However, there is an important aspect to consider here.
The 90.10 MedBed is connected to the consciousness of the person who places the order. This is absolutely necessary to prevent abuse and to protect free will.

This means that you cannot give the MedBed to others as a gift. If you own a MedBed, it will serve you for life, night after night, or whenever you need it. However, you cannot pass it on, bequeath it or give it away at any time. Your MedBed and you belong together. However, family members and friends with whom you share your home or who come to visit can use the MedBed for themselves. You can install it on up to three beds (even a couch or other other lounging furniture). Anyone who lies down in a bed on which you have installed the MedBed can activate and use it for themselves by saying "Ninety Ten MedBed".

Apart from that, you can activate the MedBed for other people, for example for a small child or an elderly person in need of care. You do this by simply standing in front of the bed on which the MedBed is installed and in which the infant or care recipient is lying and saying, for example, "Ninety Ten MedBed for my son Tom" or "Ninety Ten MedBed for my mother". You can then have the MedBed perform the scan or address any problems. Do this as if you were talking to another person. So you could say, "Tom has been snacking too much and his tummy hurts," or "Relieve the pain my mother has in her knee." It works just as straightforward as it does for yourself. The MedBed will carry out your commands and send quantum energy and frequencies to the person in the bed. The person will accept or reject the quantum energy and frequencies in accordance with his/her consciousness. This, you cannot influence.

In short, your loved ones will have to order the 90.10 MedBed themselves. However, you can give them a voucher and help them with the order. Older people in particular often find this procedure difficult.

Due to the safety precaution that prevents the installation of the 90.10. MedBed on "other people's beds", it is currently also not possible to install the MedBed in a hospital for others. If you are in the hospital yourself, you are of course free to do so. Then you have to declare the hospital room temporarily your home and upload a photo of the hospital bed to our quantum network. Please keep in mind that this will uninstall all beds in your actual home. Back at home, you can change it. For more information, see the FAQ on second homes.
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