I have a new bed or have moved. Now what?

There are no additional costs for the 90.10. MedBed, neither when you move nor when you buy a new bed.

Your old bed has had its day? You have bought a new bed and want to install the 90.10. MedBed on it. However, it is installed on your old bed and two other beds in your home. So all the slots are occupied.

Uninstall the MedBed from your old bed by removing its photo from the system. This happens automatically when you upload a photo of your new bed. Provided that the photo from your old bed is the oldest photo you uploaded to the quantum network - because the MedBed's system always works with the three most recently uploaded images. If you don't remember in which order you uploaded the photos of three beds in your home, take photos of all three beds on which the MedBed is to be installed and upload them again using the button in the email.

When you move, i.e. when you change your home, you proceed in the same way. As soon as the beds or other furniture to lie on are in your new apartment or your new house, take up to three photos and upload them via your personal upload link.


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