Can I activate the MedBed on a bed that I do not use alone?

A single 90.10. MedBed can theoretically be used by any number of people at the same time. For reasons of space, however, it will eventually become a little crowded in practical terms.

Anyway, if you share your bed with your partner, you can activate the MedBed installed on your bed for yourself giving the voice command "Ninety Ten MedBed" as communicated in the instructions and let it work on your issues. At the same time, or five minutes earlier or later, your partner can do the same. The MedBed creates a separate task for each person who uses it. Just as well, only you can do a MedBed session while your partner is lying right next to you, reading or sleeping.
Both one and the other are possible due to the ProtectionShield integrated in the MedBed's operating system. It ensures that the energy you need, as well as the frequencies, are only transmitted into your body. Initially, the ProtectionShield has a diameter of about one meter. If other people are closer than one meter to you, it will narrow around you. You can even hug your partner as usual without your energy and frequencies being transferred to him or her.
Thus, even children can sleep in your bed and cuddle with you. The MedBed can open its own tasks for them as well.
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