How much does the MedBed cost and where can I buy it?

Your 90.10. MedBed is a one-time purchase. It costs 2,358.00 EUR. It is currently the only virtual MedBed in the world whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven. You can get it exclusively at 90.10. at our Quantum Frequency Medicine Network (QFMN). Click here to visit the QFMN.

If you want to be convinced of the MedBed's potential first, which we highly recommend, you can test it for 8 hours free of charge. After your trial period you will receive an email with a link to our shop.

The 90.10. MedBed can neither wear out nor break down. Its function is also independent of external influences. Even in the case of a global power blackout, it continues to work because its power and performance is not drawn from a conventional energy network, but from quantum space. So it serves you for a lifetime. 

In addition, you will receive all updates free of charge, as is standard at 90.10. The updates are installed fully automatically in the operating system of the 90.10. MedBed. You do not have to do anything.
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