Can I upload my old photo from the 8-hour test for the research MedBed?

This is not possible. Your old photo of the bed used in the 8-hour test is assigned to the 8-hour test. The research requires uploading a new photo

If you uploaded the old photo, take a new one and upload it. The operating system of the 90.10. MedBed will then work with this photo. The other photo of the old bed will be ignored anyway.
Within the research project you can upload an unlimited number of photos of reclining furniture. If you have accidentally uploaded the old photo and then two new photos of other objects, you can simply send the new photo afterwards. The system always works with the three most recently uploaded photos.
In case of a different upload order, simply upload all three new photos again. Generally, this is our recommendation so that you don't get confused yourself. This way you will always know which beds are involved in the process of quantum entanglement.
Popular source of error: You upload the photo of a chair, then the photo of a couch, then the old photo from the 8-hour test. Then you realize your mistake and upload a newly taken photo of your bed and then another one because you don't like the first one anymore. Then, the system will only quantum entangle your bed with the MedBed, not the chair and couch. It will only see the last three images, ignoring the first one. Therefore: Always upload all three up-to-date object photos together.
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