Where is the result from the scan and who is looking at it?

The 90.10. MedBed is the latest generation of the highest quality quantum technology. The operating system connected to it, the 9010MedBedOS (OS = operating system), was created in quantum field to 100 percent. It works with mathematical-geometric formulas, which are the basis of sacred geometry.

Like the 90.10. MedBed, the 90.10. VirtualCube, which is a quantum processor, also runs on an operating system created in quantum field, the 9010OS. This operating system also works with the mathematical-geometrical formulas of sacred geometry. With both the VirtualCube and the MedBed, this ensures that 100 percent neutral and unaltered quantum energy is generated and focused on a single point. This neutral quantum energy can be made available to the body, objects and nature.

When this neutral quantum energy flows through a person's energy field, it loses its neutrality. It is practically colored by thoughts and emotions of the person. The process is comparable to a filter: pure white light is colored by a color filter. The coloring gives it a different frequency, a different vibration, a different information. It is no longer pure neutral light.

In the moment of activating the 90.10 MedBed ( by saying "Ninety Ten MedBed") the potential of infinite neutral quantum energy is available to the user. When the user wants to use the MedBed, he has the intention to color the neutral quantum energy, that is, to give it a different frequency. This is done by connecting to the conscious, subconscious or even quantum consciousness and statements or thoughts such as "Relieve the pain in the left knee". In the same second, the user focuses the quantum energy on the left knee. At the latest now the quantum energy is no longer neutral, but a specially informed quantum energy. The information is: "relieve the pain in the left knee".

During a scan, the 9010MedBedOS checks the actual situation of the user in a completely neutral and value-free manner. For this purpose, it considers all information that exists on all levels of the user's existence. Levels of existence include the physical level down to the cell nucleus, as well as the emotional and spiritual levels. If believed, the scan can extend to past lives, parallel lives as well as lives in other dimensions. At the same time, the user's state of consciousness is determined, again completely neutrally and value-free.

All information gathered is provided solely to the user lying in the MedBed. This happens through intense dreams, visions, clear seeing, intuitive knowledge, and many other possibilities that the user can understand and accept. The result is rarely processed in waking consciousness, but is often conveyed through a feeling best described as pure love or bliss. For some users, it is also simply the feeling of knowing that all is well. Others see individual organs in their mind's eye, and how they change and heal during the MedBed session.

Consequently, a MedBed session is always and entirely a session with oneself. Only the user decides consciously or unconsciously about the intensity of his healing during the MedBed session. The knowledge of self-responsibility and the awareness that we exist, think, speak, feel, and experience 100 percent by our own power are supported in this process. 
No one but the user is involved in the MedBed session.
Here is a short answer to the question: where is the result from the scan and who is looking at it? You find the result of the scan inside you and you look at it yourself.
To perceive an effect, it is useful to perform a session consciously and attentively, especially for a test of the 90.10. MedBed. We do not recommend starting at bedtime. It is better to do it in a quiet moment of the day, when you can take time for yourself. Radio, television, smartphone, and other things that can distract should be turned off.
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