Where do I find information on the free research?

The 90.10. MedBed is a completely new technology that allows you to experience 90.10. quantum energy and its potential to activate and support self-healing in your own home. To our knowledge, it is the only quantum technology that involves your consciousness in the process of transferring quantum energy and frequencies through the principle of quantum entanglement. We refer to this process briefly as teleportation or beaming of quantum energy and frequencies.

This challenges us, as pioneers in the field of quantum research. A "simple" study, as it was already carried out in a medical-scientific laboratory, is no longer sufficient here. Because consciousness is a decisive factor in self-healing. The mentioned study dealt with the faster growth or reproduction of cells. Its astonishing results were discussed in an international science magazine and are therefore available for everyone to read. However, they reflect only a fraction of what is actually possible when consciousness is involved. After all, cells in a petri dish have a different consciousness than a human or an animal.

Together with you, we would like to discover where the limits of 90.10. technology are. For this reason, we have launched the research with the 100,000.

In this program, which is 100 percent supported by 90.10.®, there are no sponsors or other financially involved parties. 90.10. provides 100,000 free 90.10. MedBeds for this purpose.

You can use the 90.10. MedBed provided for the research purpose until your health problems have been brought to resolution by your self-healing. If you continue to support us, even beyond that. The use ends when you decide that you no longer want to fulfill the requirements for the study. So you remain completely independent of 90.10. and the study. 

It is especially important to know that you do not have to raise any financial means for participation. Voluntary contributions are also not possible. We do not accept any monetary gifts or similar. In return, no participant will be paid for the research.

Requirements for participation in this study

  • You did the 8-hour test with the MedBed and sent us a first video feedback of this experience. By completing the test, you have become familiar with the MedBed. Through the video you signal your willingness to participate seriously and have a starting point for the research project. We publish all feedback videos on the 8-hour test sent to us on our YouTube channel (YouTube/9010tv).
  • You will find a category for your topic that you want to conduct research on with the MedBed. The categorization is necessary so that your feedback video can be found by other people with the same or similar symptoms. It also shows a tendency more easily and gives us at 90.10. information in which areas the 90.10. technology has which effect, also, whether it has an effect at all or not.
  • You are willing to tell your story publicly and share your experiences with the 90.10. MedBed once a week in a feedback video. Through such feedback, people with the same problems can best understand you. They see your facial expressions, they feel your emotions, they can understand your progress or lack of progress. So they can judge whether this technology can make a difference in their case, too.

Full benefits for all participants and beyond

  • With your feedback videos, you keep a kind of diary for yourself. After a certain time, you can see your own progress and development, and even months later you can still comprehend it.
  • If you have tried special experiments or special commands that had an extraordinary effect on you and share them via the video, you inspire other people. People with your theme/illness/problem can also do your experiments or try your commands and see what it does for them. Show others just what can be achieved!
  • On the other hand, you benefit too. Be inspired by others who have found a particularly effective frequency or a strong command. In large community, we thus strengthen our potentials and improve our quality of life.
  • Many things are easier in a community. The virtual, visual exchange and the joint research strengthens you, inspires you, gives you courage and motivation. You are NOT alone. There are thousands who are looking for solutions just like you. Whether and to what extent the 90.10. quantum technology can be a solution, we will also learn through your contribution.

Watch a short video on this topic featuring our developer, Oliver Schacke. The material is a bit older (2017), but it shows that the foundation for the research with the 100,000 was already laid back then.


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