Can animals also be treated in the MedBed?

We are working on the possibility of treating animals in the 90.10. MedBed. At the moment, this is not yet possible because the 9010MedBedOS (operating system of the MedBed) is not yet configured to do this.

Energy work for animals is currently possible with the 90.10. VirtualCube. It can be used to enrich blankets, food bowls, toys, etc. with quantum energy and frequencies.

If an animal is in the bed with you, a MedBed session can still be carried out. The ProtectionShield developed by 90.10. ensures that the at times enormously strong energy and the frequencies only affect the person who has activated the MedBed for the session. Other persons and also animals are not influenced by it. The ProtectionShield adjusts itself flexibly. If a person is lying alone in bed doing a MedBed session, the diameter of the ProtectionShield is about one meter around the body. If the person shares the bed with another person (or animal), then the ProtectionShield narrows around the person in the MedBed session. It is applicable down to atomic particles. This allows two people to even hug in bed while only one of them is having a MedBed session. The other does not feel a thing. Ideal for parents with children who want to be hugged. Or even for humans and animals together in bed.

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