What voice commands can I give the MedBed?

After you have activated your 90.10. MedBed with the command communicated in the instructions, you can start the scan and let the MedBed work on its own. Afterwards, or right from the beginning, you can control it with individual voice commands. With these commands you make the MedBed aware of a specific issue or problem for which you want help or resolution.

There are no fixed guidelines for these voice commands, because your issue can be as general as unique. You yourself know best and can most easily communicate your issue or problem to the MedBed. Talk to it as if you were talking to another person, and simply address the issue. For example, if you have a cold, say "I have a cold." If you can't fall asleep, say "I can't fall asleep." You can also put it positively, in terms of an affirmation, and say, "I am deep, restful sleep," or "I wish for deep, restful sleep and beautiful dreams." Equally well, you can ask the MedBed directly, "Clear my nose and stop the coughing," or "Let me sleep."
In short, you talk to the MedBed the way you want.
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